Killing Your Healthcare for Politics

  1. Almost 50 million Americans have no health care.

That’s roughly one sixth of the entire population. And yet the Repugnican Right Wing has always maintained that universal health care is beyond their capability. (Many of their own personal health care plans include Viagra which takes care of another thing beyond their capability.) However, President-Elect Obama has stated that initiating a “single-payer” national health care system is one of his foremost concerns. Naturally, this has the Right Wing frothing at their publicity-feed pie-holes.


Norman Markowitz, who is a contributing editor for PolticalAffairs.net, has noted that historically, citizens who look to the government as their primary health care provider have a tendency to change their politics. He cites as an example Britain after WW II when the Labour Party introduced the National Health Service, after which lower-income, religious and normally conservative-bent people were more inclined to change their vote from the Conservative to the Labour Party.


One of the arguments put forth by commentator James Pethokoukis at U.S. News and World Report has taken the Markowitz piece to heart, noting:


“The GOP strategist had been joking about the upcoming presidential election and giving his humourous assessments of the candidates. Then he suddenly cut out the schtick and got suddenly scary serious. “Let me tell you something, if Democrats take the White House and pass a big-government health care plan, that’s it. Game over. Government will dominate the economy like it does in Europe. Conservatives will spend the rest of their lives trying to turn things around and they will fail…”


Well golly-gosh, darn them big-government tax-and-spend Socialist Democrats anyways….


Give me a break. The current lamentable Bush administration has stuck the U.S. with the biggest government in history together with the largest debt and a recession largely due to the fact that they are Don’t-Tax and Spend-Spend-Spend party totally in the hire of Corporate America. If you wanted to know what color of shoes the CEO of Halliburton was wearing today all you’d have to do was look at Dubyas tongue. But I digress…


Pethokoukis continues: “Whereas the Investor Class is more conservative than the rest of America, creating the Obamacare Class would pull America to the left. Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute, who first found that wonderful Markewitz quote, puts it succinctly in a recent blog quote: Blocking Obama’s health care plan is key to the GOP’s survival.”  (emphasis mine)


OK – so let’s just stare at this for a moment. In essence, what this little newt is saying is that in order for the Repugnican Party to survive, health care reform that would give those 48 million-plus uninsured the health care they need will have to be killed, else voters might believe they owed something to the Democrats and start voting for them in greater numbers. Universal health care is, of course, Socialist. And we all know that if that happens, fascist dictatorship is right around the corner. Obama – brown skin, fascist – brown shirts – come on, people! Michell Malkin says it could happen. What more do you want?


I can see why the Repugs are running in fear of the possibility of universal health care administered by the government. This goes against the entrepreneurial free-market economy that is the basis of the American system. After all, whom do you want deciding what kind of health care you get? Some government bean-counter, or some corporate HMO bean-counter?  Where’s the spirit of free enterprise and rugged individualism where one pulls one’s self up by one’s own jack-boot straps? Like the banks who wisely chose not to continue extending loans so they could use the taxpayer’s money to take over other banks? Or the auto industry rattling there begging bowl for a piece of your weekly paycheck so they don’t have to change their successful business plan – that of building large inefficient vehicles no one wants anymore?


The fact is that 40% of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical care expenses. And one can only speculate how much is lost to the economy each year through illness that might have been prevented had it been addressed in a timely fashion. Congressmen get their health insurance paid for by you. Corporate executives get theirs paid for by the investors. Now some right-wing p__s-ant is seriously suggesting that in order for the Republicans to have any future relevance, they must kill Universal Health Care from the get-go because otherwise, more people might vote for the Democrats.


Suffer the little children, indeed… What, (as Right Wingers are so fond of asking) would Jesus do?




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