Why Do the Republicans Hate America?

I suppose it was a little too much to ask for the Right Wing of the Repugnican party to man up and think of the country first. But once again, just in case the election didn’t demonstrate just how deep the Rethugs are in denial, they’ve decided to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just exactly how delusional, hypocritical and irrelevant the GOP has become.

Naturally, I’m speaking of the fact that every limp noodle Repug in the House voted against the Obama stimulus package. Every single one. And why? Because, they claim, they are worried sick about the debt load it will cause for our children and grandchildren.



That was just my head hitting the keyboard after I lost consciousness from reading that last statement. Can there be a more hypocritical, self-righteous, indeed, delusionary statement?! Here’s a party that took a 2.7 percent budgetary surplus from Clinton (between $120 and $260 billion depending on the figures) and three months prior to 9-11, had put the country back into deficit spending thanks almost entirely to Bush’s lintheaded $1.3 trillion tax cut to the wealthy and the incorporate. The Bush administration, thanks to Senator Phil Gramm and the Rethug Congressional majority, introduced legislation that directly led to the economic meltdown on Wall Street and the mortgage debacle of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack, it started two wars, one of which has cost almost $2 trillion, inherited a National Debt of $5.3 trillion and left office with a National Debt of over $11 trillion and a National Deficit of $1.6 trillion, both the largest in history. During the last month of the Bush administration, the economy, such as it was, lost over 500,000 jobs. The national infrastructure is falling apart, as elegantly evinced by Hurricane Katrina, after having been neglected for eight years, more people lacked health insurance than any other time in US history and now the President has proposed stimulus packages that would create jobs and provide money for people losing their homes, rebuild roads and bridges that are literally falling apart, and investing in education, non-petroleum technologies, etc.

And, yes, it will cost money – money that will have to be borrowed. What’s the difference between the Democrats’ stimulus package and the Republicans’ stimulus package? The Democrats’ package helps the average American while the Rethugs’ package helps only the rich.

The Republicans think that the only way to get out of an economic recession is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. McCain’s expanded tax cut program would cost roughly another $2 trillion, delivering a 58% tax cut to the top 1% of the population.

Now that’s responsible government!!!

The Repugs are still mired in a trickle-down alternate universe where the Laffer Curve actually works. The Laffer Curve was a mathematical formula given to President Reagan that “proved” that the less tax money the government collected, the more money the government would make. A 16 year-old crack dealer can show you the flaws in that theory.

And yet this is the balderdash that the Republicans are trying desperately to sell you – that the only way to lift the poor and middle class out of this recession is to make the unspeakably rich richer, and do it – as with the TARP bailout, with your money.

Remember, these are the same newts that initially voted against their own party’s bailout plan under Bush – 133 to 65. They are the ones that threatened to kill the Bush bailout bill because Speaker Pelosi made a speech that hurt their widdle feelings, as though the entire rank and file of the Republican party were 5 years old.

Then they tacked on “Buy American” riders to the stimulus package that are like carrying anvils in a canoe. If history taught us anything during the Great Depression, it was that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, a regrettable Hoover tactic to reduce foreign competition, actually prolonged the Depression by starting an international trade war.

Mind you, the Republicans are simply maintaining their prior traditions. As Senator George Mitchell once said of President George H. W. Bush, he was a person who “prevent(s) others from dealing with the nation’s problems even though he himself offers no solutions.” The Repugs have now taken this a step further, determined to enact the old Viet Nam dictum of destroying the village in order to save it. The Republicans have gone from being merely a party of solipsism, hypocrisy and delusion. They are now actively working against the people of the United States out of pettiness and spite.



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