The Pigs Cut Pork

What You Lost Thanks to the Repugs…
I can’t think of anything frightfully clever to say here (as though that were anything new) so I’m just going to wade into this up to the armpits. Here is some of what the Republicans cut from the Obama Stimulus package – from YOUR recovery package.

$100 million for Farm Service Agency modernization,
$65 million for watershed rehabilitation,
$100 million for distance learning,
$98 million for school nutrition,
$50 million for aquaculture,
$300 million for federal prisons,
$100 million for National Institute of Standards and Technology,
$10 million for state and local law enforcement,
$200 million for National Science Foundation,
$100 million for scientific research,
$2 billion for Energy Loan guarantees,
$4.5 for General Services Administration,
$50 million for Homeland Security,
$200 million for Transport Security Administration,
$122 million for Coast Guard cutters,
$25 million for Fish and Wildlife,
$165 million for Forest Service capital improvement,
$95 million for State and Private Wildfire Management,
%4.8 billion for Health Prevention Activity,
$2 billion for Health Information technology grants,
$600 million for No Child Left Behind programs,
$16 billion for school construction,
$3.5 billion for higher education construction,
$2.25 billion for neighbourhood stabilization,
$40 billion for State fiscal stabilization,

And much more. Here’s some of what got merely reduced:

$200 million from Environmental Protection Agency Superfund,
$100 million from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
$100 million from law enforcement wireless,
$100 million from FBI construction,

And on, and on, and on…..

McCain actually objected to a portion of the bill that would have addressed STDs. I suppose at his age, the only thing he’s worried about is if Viagra is still covered by Medicare.

Now, if you look at the above, you will rapidly come to the understanding that these cuts are to programs that only benefit the average citizen, not the rich and incorporate. The bill aids medical research, schools, law enforcement, public safety, scientific research into essential but mostly non-profitable research, environmental protection, etc. No tax breaks for billionaires or banks and corporations that are currently using public bail-out money to line their own pockets. Nothing that will allow Repugs to benefits their campaign donors on the tacit understanding that they will be provided undeserving corporate positions and sinecures as retirement packages.

In short, the Obama bill benefits the people who actually work for a living and keep the corporations alive. What is it about this simple fact – the without workers, corporations die – something the Repugs can’t understand, apart from the fact that it’s been many a moon since any of them have ever actually worked for a living themselves.

These are the people who have never learned, who are determined, as a policy of petty partisan brinkmanship, to put your future, your jobs, your children on the block for their discredited, unrealistic, delusional politics. did you vote for them? Are you a fool?

Here’s a plan. Every Republican who voted against the Stimulus package should automatically abrogate any funds to their state or district. You voted against it? You get no money from it. After all, do you not represent your constituents? If you voted against the Stimulus bill, this must, de facto, mean that your constituents agree with you and don’t want the monies.

Or do they not get to vote on such a thing?

Democracy – what a concept. It cuts both ways. Hypocrisy is no longer the order of the day, except on Fox News. Repug Congressmen who voted against this package? You are the ones who put the nation into bankruptcy with your phony war and your corporate whoring. You put the nation into unprecedented debt and now you are feigning horror at the prospect of spending money to benefit the people who do all the tax-paying, working, living and dying in this nation?

Shame doesn’t even begin to cover it.



One thought on “The Pigs Cut Pork

  1. Yeah! An Excellent job, Sir!
    Keep it up, don’t let ’em rest for a moment!

    Posted by reverendbuki | February 27, 2012, 2:36 pm

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