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Nuking Your Wallet

Remember the last Presidential election campaign? (OK – put the frying pan down, take a pill and chill…) Remember when McSame and Failin’ talked about building 45 new “nukular” reactors to help America achieve energy independence? Ever remember anyone talking about the price tag? Of course not. Well, it’d be roughly $500 billion. Would that … Continue reading

The Pigs Cut Pork

What You Lost Thanks to the Repugs… I can’t think of anything frightfully clever to say here (as though that were anything new) so I’m just going to wade into this up to the armpits. Here is some of what the Republicans cut from the Obama Stimulus package – from YOUR recovery package. $100 million … Continue reading

The Pox Americanus

  There have been many comparisons of the Bush years as being the second coming of the Roman Empire. Would that it were so. Let’s just take a look at how Rome was run, government-wise and put these odious comparisons to bed. The Roman system of government was largely created as a reaction to the … Continue reading


The old Soviet Union was not what one would term a paragon of security, the KGB and GRU notwithstanding. Not at least when it came to its nuclear arsenal. When the Soviet Union fell apart there was a flurry of activity to secure its nuclear arsenal, or at least to ascertain who had what and … Continue reading

More Intellectual Dung-Throwing from the Religious Right…

You can always try to reason with a Fundamentalist. You can always try to reason with a slathering Doberman too, for all the good it’ll do you. Myself, I prefer a good stout cudgel….. Recently I had the pleasure of just such an encounter. While discussing the topic of evolution, the gent in question played … Continue reading

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